Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The swedish split with Tom Petty

In 1977 Phonogram released a serie of five split-albums under the name "Rock on". The first album i the serie was the split with Ramones and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. The records were pressed i Norway but made for the swedish market and released on the Philips label. It has songs from the first LP and Leave Home together with two live tracks, California Sun/I don't wanna walk around with you. But the album designer didn't get the titles right, the tracks are called Warm California Sun/I wanna walk around with you!
This album has four inserts if it is complete:
* A infosheet with biographies (in swedish) on one side and info about the albums on the other.
* A form to be able participate in a competition. Printed on blue paper. It tells the buyer that there are "410 items to win". Among them 20 handprinted Ramones T-shirts and 35 copies of Sheena is a punk rocker 12". The picture of the T-shirt comes from a swedish collector who where happy enough to find a unused copy of the shirt along wit the letter of gratulations from Phonogram on an auction.
* A big sheet with stickers from bands in the serie: Ramones, The Runaways, Rush, Graham Parker, Hawkwind and Tom Petty.
* A small sticker with the band Clover.

Album: Ramones/Tom Petty & he Heartbreakers
Number: Philips 9199 272
Year: 1977
Country: Norway (sold in Sweden)

The front.

The back.

The info sheet and the contest.

The stickers.

The record.

And the handprinted T-shirt! Thanks to Mr Smith.

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  1. Amazing info! I'm always on the hunt for this one! I always thought it was an oddly perfect pairing, like if they did Cheap Trick and Paul Collins' Beat or something