Sunday, September 2, 2012

Johnny, Joey, Tommy – and Tulu Ramone!

Have anybody taken the time to read the lyrics on the early japanese pressings? And I'm talking about the english lyrics, not the japanese. It's really crazy, I suppose someone has been sitting with paper and a pen, playing the record and trying to figure out what Joey is singing.
Here is two examples from the lyrics sheet that comes with the japanese It's alive:

Havana Affair
P.T. Ford was a winner
He used to make a living 
By bringing the bananas
now has a job for the C.I A.
A rep for the USA

Gabba, gabba, hey
You're a weed
Sutch a weed
'Cept you're one of us
You're a weed
Such a weed
'Cept you're one of us

The lyrics sheet also includes the things Joey is saying between the songs. My personal favorite is the introduction to Blitzkrieg Bop:

Well, it's good to be back in England and it's good to see all of you again. Take it Tulu!

With that said, all credit to those who made the Japanese sleeve designs in the 70's. The japanese singles are great, i will come back to them later.

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