Monday, September 3, 2012

Rockaway Beach – part one

Rockaway Beach, Dee Dee's masterpiece, was released as a single in november 1977. Maybe not the perfect timing for a song about going to the beach, but as Joey says in the book "The story of the Ramones": 
It was out of our control. A lot of things were ridiculous when it came to our releases. 
Still it was the Ramones highest-charting single ever, reeching number 66 on Billboard. It's also one of the singles available in most different pressings, there are at least 11 different versions including promos. 
Here are the North American pressings:

The US version with picture sleeve. Locket Love on the flip. The promo has Rockaway Beach in mono and in stereo.

Title: Rockaway Beach/Locket Love. Promo version: Rockaway Beach (mono)/Rockaway Beach (stereo)
Number: Sire SRE 1008
Year: 1977
Country: United States

The single was released in Canada through GRT records. Never issued with a picture sleeve here, the single came in the brown/pink GRT company sleeve. No promo version was released in Canada.

Title: Rockaway Beach/Locket Love 
Number: Sire GRT SRE 1008
Year: 1977
Country: Canada

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