Friday, September 7, 2012

Rockaway Beach – part two

In 1978 Sire records switched distribution to Warner Brothers Records from ABC records. But before that Philips/Phonogram was the label and distribution that took care of the Ramones releases outside North America. Thats why the european pressings of Rockaway Beach are on the blue Philips label. The exception is the UK where the early singles came out on Sire label – with Phonogram distribution.

In Europe Rockaway Beach was released in England (both as a 7" and a 12"), Germany, Netherlands and Ireland. All of them came in a picture sleeve except the irish pressing. That one was released in a irish version of the Phonogram-company sleeve. But I have also seen irish pressings in a blue Philips company sleeve. I'm trying to get more information about this.Of the European editions I would say that the Irish issue is the hardest one to find because it was pressed into a smaller circulation than the others. For some reason Rockaway Beach was never released as a single in France. In Italy it was the B-side of Do you wanna dance? There are no promos of the european versions.

Title: Rockaway Beach//Teenage Lobotomy/Beat on the brat 
Number: Sire 6078 611
Year: 1977
Country: UK

Title: Rockaway Beach//Teenage Lobotomy/Beat on the brat 
Number: Philips 6078 611
Year: 1977
Country: Ireland

Title: Rockaway Beach//Locket Love
Number: Philips 6078 617
Year: 1977
Country: Germany

Title: Rockaway Beach//I remember you
Number: Philips 6078 516
Year: 1977
Country: Netherlands

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