Sunday, September 2, 2012

The norwegian singles

There are no singles from the three first albums pressed in Scandinavia. The singles that was sold in Denmark, Sweden and Norway usually came from Germany, Holland and the UK.
But in 1978 Sire released one single pressed in Norway for the Scandinavian market, I wanna be sedated/I don't want you. There is no country of origin marked on the label but the matrix-number reveals that the record is pressed in Norway (SIR 001 A 9 P 78 FE 710). 78 is the year of release and 710 is the code for the pressing plant MIAS (Musikk-industri AS) in Oslo, Norway. The single was released in a blue Phonogram company sleeve pressed at Team Trykk located right by the pressing plant. 
The labels also have the ncb-markings. Ncb stands for Nordisk Copyright Bureau and this marking can be seen on almost every record pressed in Scandinavia.

Title: I wanna be sedated/I don't want you
Number: Sire SIR 001
Year: 1978
Country: Norway

In 1980 Sire released a second single pressed in Norway, Baby I love you/High risk insurance. Matrix: SIR 4031 3 P 80 F 710. I have not been able to get any information about this one. Was it released in a company sleeve or a plain white sleeve?
If you know anything more please let me know!

Title: Baby I love you/High risk insurance
Number: Sire SIR 4031
Year: 1980
Country: Norway

Thanks to Erling in Norway for info.

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