Saturday, September 29, 2012

Record of the week – too ugly for the Ramones?

When Liberation Records would release the single Pet Sematary in Australia it did not go very well. Someone from the U.S. reacted on the design of the cover and it got withdrawn.
Somehow I can understand the reaction...
According to a printer who worked at the plant at the time the sleeves ended up in the trash.
Instead the single was sold in a CBS company bag.
But some of the original sleeves survived. Here it is – the sleeve that was too ugly for the Ramones.

UPDATE: I havn't noticed it before but the fact that the writing credits on the back of the sleeve are wrong must have been a big reason why this sleeve got withdrawn. Dee Dee wrote Pet Sematary and Charles Barris wrote Palisades Park...

Title: Pet Sematary/Palisades Park
Number: Liberation Records 102100 7
Year: 1989
Country: Australia

This is how the single was sold, in a company sleeve. I have also 
seen the single in a blue version of this sleeve.

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  1. I was working there at the time and me and a work friend saved a few boxes before they went to the trash. about 100 or more. I sold all my copies over the years for $50 each, have a bout 2 left I think. Great blog.