Friday, September 28, 2012

The great Swallow my pride

Swallow my pride is one of my favorite tracks from Leave Home and one of the best slow songs the Ramones ever released, if you ask me. Joey wrote the song after the commercial failure of the first album. In Mickey Leights book I sleept with Joey Ramone Joey tells the story behind the song:
"I wrote a song called 'Swallow my pride'. It was about signing with Sire. Tommy always used the expression 'You gotta swallow your pride', and we did when we signed to Sire".
It was released as a single in july 1977. The US version has a great picture sleeve, the UK issue has an ok picture sleeve, the rest came in company sleeves.
Here they are:

Title:Swallow my pride/Pinhead
Number: Sire SA-738
Year: 1977
Country: US

Title:Swallow my pride (stereo)/Swallow my pride (mono)
Number: Sire SA-738
Year: 1977
Country: US
Note: Has the same PS as the stock version.

Title: Swallow my pride //Pinhead/Let's dance (live)
Number: Philips 6078 607
Year: 1977
Country: Ireland
Note: Sold in a irish version of the Phonogram company sleeve.

Some copies have a big centre hole.

Title:Swallow my pride//Pinhead/Let's dance (live)
Number: Sire 6078 607
Year: 1977
Country: UK

Title: Swallow my pride //Pinhead

Number: Philips 6078 512

Year: 1977
Country: Australia
Note: Sold in a australian version of the Phonogram company sleeve.

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