Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The right sleeves for the japanese singles

The great and collectible japanese singles with the Ramones were all released with a company bag and a sheet instead of a ordinary sleeve. Typical japanese style. The sheet is printed on textured paper exept for the last one, Do you remember Rock'n'roll Radio. That one has glossy plain paper. The records were sold in a sealed plastic bag back in the days when they were released in Japan.
There are three versions of the company sleeve, this is the correct sleeve for each release:

Blitzkrieg Bop SFL-2122
I wanna be your boyfriend SFL-2132
Suzy is a headbanger SFL-2152
Sheena is a punk rocker SFL-2208

Rockaway Beach SFL-2259
Do you wanna dance? SFL-2324
Needles & Pins SFL-2358
Come on let's go (w Paley Brothers) SFL-2372
Do you remember Rock'n'roll radio SFL-2471

Do you remember Rock'n'roll radio SFL-2471 (The white label promo version). Here in the sealed plastic bag.

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