Sunday, October 27, 2013

2 X Leave Home from Portugal

Here is another pressing of Leave Home with two different versions, the portuguese issue.
This time it's clearly two different pressings, the dead wax, the run-out groove area, on version 2 is much broader (see pictures). The sleeve and the labels are different. First and second press, I suppose.

Version 1: Glossy, laminated cover. Label with larger letters. Fold-out lyrics sheet.
Matrix number side A: 6031-A   Side B: 6031-B (almost invisible)


Version 2: Non-glossy, not laminated sleeve. Labels with smaller letters. My copy don't have the lyrics sheet.
Matrix number side A: D 6031 A   Side B: 6031-B


The back of the sleeve:

More info about the first pressing of Leave Home here.
More about the two australian versions of Leave Home here.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The german Leave Home – two versions

Leave Home was the first Ramones album made in Germany. Later on the record was rereleased on Sire but the first press came out on Philips and has the "Original  New York Punk Rock" sticker on the sleeve. And it has Carbona Not Glue as the fifth song on side A.
But lately I found an alternative press of this record with different labels. The most common version is the one with a black circle in the middle of the label. The other version has an all blue label with different design.
Has this to do with two different pressings plants or is it a first and a second press? I don't know but the german Rocket To Russia that was released later in 1977 has the labels with a black circle. There are also small differences in the matrix number which could indicate that all blue label version is the first issue.
Maybe someone i Germany knows more about this?
The sleeves and the inlay with lyrics are identical for both versions.

Album: Leave Home
Number: Philips 6370 809
Year: 1977.
Country: Germany.
Matrix number, A-side: 10 AA6370809 1Y  320   B  1 
B-side: 10 AA6370809 2Y  320    A  1
Notes: German first press.


Album: Leave Home
Number: Philips 6370 809
Year: 1977.
Country: Germany.
Matrix number, A-side: 10 AA6370809 1Y  320   D  1 
B-side: 10 AA6370809 2Y  320    E  1
Notes: Alternative press with different labels.

More info about the first pressing of Leave Home here.
More about the two australian versions of Leave Home here.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Record of the week: Meltdown with the Ramones

In 1978 WEA took over the distribution from Phonogram in the U.K. and the first three albums was rereleased. In 1980 the record company put out an EP to support the albums. Four tracks from three albums with focus on slower, and up until then not very typical songs on a Ramones 45.
Maybe the company hoped for a new audience with the brand new Spector-produced End Of The Century out in the stores.
Meltdown with the Ramones was only released in the U.K.

Songs: I Just Want To Have Something To Do/Here Today,Gone Tomorrow//I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend/Questioningly
Number: Sire SREP1
Year: 1980
Country: UK

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The japanese Road To Ruin

The japanese pressing of Road To Ruin from 1978 is made in the same style as other editions from the country. Thick cardboard sleeve, a lyrics and infosheet in japanese and the obi. This was the first album-release on Sire records, the earlier stuff came out on Philips. As always there is a white label promo-version along with the stock copy.
The stock copy on the pictures below was exported to the U.S. and this copy has the yellow inner sleeve with lyrics, I have not seen any other japanese albums with a printed lyrics sleeve.

Album: Road To Ruin
Number: Sire RJ-7529
Year: 1978
Country: Japan.
Notes: Stock and WLP version. 

The sleeve with obi, front and back.

The lyrics sheet, front and back.

The stock version.

Inner sleeve with lyrics, export version.

White label promo-version.