Friday, November 9, 2012

The irish Ramones singles

On the 24th of September 1978 the Ramones played theit first show in Dublin at the Phibsboro State Cinema. 16 month earlier, in may 1977, the first Ramones record was released in Ireland, Sheena is a punk rocker. 

After that four more singles came out in Ireland. No one was released with a picture sleeve. All the Philips releases came in a irish version of the Phonogram company sleeve, except possibly the first single that I also have seen in a purple Philips-sleeve. The last single, We want the airwaves, came in the UK Sire company sleeve. There is no country printed on the label on that one but you can see the (P) instead a P in a ring, that's typical for irish releases.
Here they are – the complete irish single discography:

Songs: Sheena is a punk rocker//Commando/I don't care
Number: Philips RAM 001
Year: May 1977
Country: Ireland

Songs: Swallow my pride//Pinhead/Let's dance
Number: Philips 6078 607
Year: July 1977
Country: Ireland

Songs: Rockaway Beach//Teenage Lobotomy/Beat on the brat
Number: Philips 6078 611
Year: Dec 1977
Country: Ireland

Songs: Do you wanna dance?//It's a long way back to Germany/Cretin Hop
Number: Philips 6078 615
Year: March 1978
Country: Ireland

Songs: We want the airwaves/IYou sound like you're sick
Number: Sire 4051
Year: 1981
Country: Ireland

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