Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fake sleeves for real records

A picture sleeve for the U.S. Don't Come Close 7" ...
...and for the Someting to Believe in single.

Recently there has been two U.S.-pressed Ramones singles up on Ebay with picture sleeves that I never have seen before. Apparently someone is making picture sleeves for singles that was released without real sleeves. There is no doubt that the sleeves are "homemade", stay away from them if you are looking for official picture sleeves.
From what I heard the sleeves was sold at the record fair in Utrecht, without records, and from there they have found the way to Ebay.
More new unofficial releases that was seen in Utrecht: The dutch Blitzkrieg Bop 7" on clear vinyl and on red vinyl. It seems like there is money to be made in copying these hard-to-find classics.


  1. hi to all ramones fans.
    i saw the last week another fake sleeve from this seller on EBay.
    don't bid because this one an other sleeves, are FAKE and not official. See ya