Sunday, November 18, 2012

Record of the week – the debut from Taiwan

The Ramones never ending world tour did not reach Taiwan but the records did. Two of the albums, the debut and End of the Century, was released in Taiwan. But not the official way, as the thai Ramones singles the Taiwan records are counterfeit or pirate records. 
The classic first album was released on Jen Sheng records, the company printed the release date, in Taiwan year, on the label: 1976/06 (65.6 in Taiwan year). 
Jen Sheng released a lot of western music in the 70's but it's hard to find any information about the manufacturer. The sleeve is made of two thin paper sheets in a plastic cover. The front has the same design as the original album but with a JS-logo and a text about the Blitzkrieg Bop-single. The back has the lyrics from the original inner sleeve. In 1977 the company changed name to New Jen Sheng and re-released the album, this time with different labels and a slightly different backside of the cover.

Album: Ramones 
Number: Jen Sheng JS-5101
Year: 1976
Country: Taiwan

Album: Ramones 
Number: New Jen Sheng JS-5101
Year: 1977 (?)
Country: Taiwan


  1. Hi

    Any idea about this promo sleeve on ebay? Homemade? Never heard before.


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  3. Yeah, ok. Next weekend we have another Utrecht fair. I hope that no one buy these as original... For sure they are not mary in 80s and 90s in europe... more like last weekend or so...
    This seems to be quite nice business for someone...

    Cheers, Hannu /Finland