Saturday, November 17, 2012

One side of the Ramones

 Here are three records from the very limited section "One-sided Ramones singles"...
First we have the promo 7" Ramones are here … and there. The single have four shortened excerpts from Road to Ruin and a spoken intro and outro with Joey Ramone promoting the album and the UK tour in 1978. The four songs are (note that the last two have slightly different names compared with the album):

Don’t come close 
I just wanted something to do

The record was released with a picture sleeve but can also be found in the orange/yellow UK Sire company bag.

Title: Ramones are here … and there
Format: 7"
Number: J Ramone PROMO 1
Year: 1978
Country: UK

The next one-sider is a promotional single from New World pictures with radio spots to promote the Roger Corman-film Rock'n'roll High School. In the background you can hear the Ramones playing the title song. The record contains two radio spots, 30 secons each, and was sent to radiostations in the U.S.

The last one is a flexi disc from Spain. I don't know mutch about this one. It's released by the spanish record company Hispavox in 1981 and includes two songs on one side. It is marked as a promo only. Maybe someone out there knows anything more.

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