Friday, September 27, 2013

Record of the week – Fin Del Siglo

End Of The Century was supposed to be the big breakthrough for the Ramones. The album was released in many "new" countries, one of them Argentina.
This is the first Ramones record that was released in Argentina. The original press from 1980 was made by the local MH-label under license from Sire. There is a stock version and a white label promo version of the album. The WLP has a big promo-sticker on the back of the sleeve, see scans. All titles on the cover are translated to spanish, End Of The Century is replaced by Fin Del Siglo. The sleeve is laminated only on the frontside.
End Of The Century was rereleased in Argentina in 1984 under Sire/WEA (WEA 80098), once again with a WL promo version. The repress has a white WEA logo in the lower left corner of the sleeve.
Here is the original press:


 Back – not laminated.


 Innersleeve with lyrics. Spanish titles.

 The promo label.

Promo sticker on the back of the sleeve.

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