Sunday, September 15, 2013

Record of the week – the dutch Baby I Love You

The dutch edition of the Baby I Love single has a nice sleeve with a pic from the End Of The Century photo session from 1979. According to the credits on the sleeve the photographer is George Bennett. The infamous "Ramones without leather jackets"-photo that ended up on the the front of the album was taken by Mick Rock.
This is how he later on described working with the band:
"They were not a comfortable band to shoot; you could feel the tensions among them. They'd rejected two photo sessions and didn't have much budget left but where desperate. They don't have mutch patience for photographers, their manager, Danny fields, told me".
It was Mick Rocks idea to, for the first time ever, shoot the band for a cover without the jackets. Johnny was strongly against the idea but Dee Dee and Joey voted against him. Marky, not being an original member, didn't have a vote. This caused a big fraction in the band, especially between Johnny and Joey. And probably didn't make the photo session any easier...

Songs: Baby I Love You/High Risk Insurance
Number: Sire WBN 17589
Year: 1980
Country: Holland

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