Sunday, October 13, 2013

The japanese Road To Ruin

The japanese pressing of Road To Ruin from 1978 is made in the same style as other editions from the country. Thick cardboard sleeve, a lyrics and infosheet in japanese and the obi. This was the first album-release on Sire records, the earlier stuff came out on Philips. As always there is a white label promo-version along with the stock copy.
The stock copy on the pictures below was exported to the U.S. and this copy has the yellow inner sleeve with lyrics, I have not seen any other japanese albums with a printed lyrics sleeve.

Album: Road To Ruin
Number: Sire RJ-7529
Year: 1978
Country: Japan.
Notes: Stock and WLP version. 

The sleeve with obi, front and back.

The lyrics sheet, front and back.

The stock version.

Inner sleeve with lyrics, export version.

White label promo-version.

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