Monday, March 18, 2013

More info about the norwegian Baby I Love You

I thought the search for a correct company sleeve for the norwegian Baby I Love You was over here. But thanks to Hannu from Finland I have got new information. Hannu got his copy with the same kind of company sleeve you see on the picture above. According to the site this is  norwegian and it was used until 1980 by Phonogram. Even if Phonogram lost distribution when Warner took over in 1978 it seems like it didn't include Scandinavia. The scandinavian press of End Of The Century have no signs of Warner, same with Pleasant Dreams. Maybe Phonogram still had something to do with the distribution in Scandinavia in 1980 – and this is the company sleeve this single was distributed in.
You find more info about the norwegian singles here.
Front above, back here:

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