Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baby I Love You – the Sper sleeve again

I have previously described this one as a fake sleeve. Since that I have been in contact with a italian seller who had the single out on Ebay.
He gave me some interesting info about the sleeve. I'm not saying this is the truth, after all he was selling the record, but his story sounds trustworthy. He says that he was working at local radio stations during the 80's and 90's and these "Disco Successo"-singles were offered and distributed to radio stations by subscription.
Sper Network sent them out together with a promo set with bio and pictures from the record company. The sleeves were made in the Milano area in small numbers as simple wrap around-covers.
According to the seller the green part on the cover with the strip in the corner was printed with offset. Then rest was done with a more simple printing technique to keep the cost low.
"These record were sold generally in terms of 100 copies so printing a proper cover was to expensive", the seller explains.
There are a lot counterfeits of this sleeve because it's easy to copy and the best way to tell the difference is to look at the green strip to verify that it is offset print with dotted color and not a photocopy with full color.
If this is the truth about this single or not … well judge for yourself.
If it is a lot of the copies you see for sale must be counterfeits. And the record is not to be graded as an official release by the record company, more like an official juke box single (in the italian red RCA company sleeve) with a semi legitimate sleeve. One thing that makes me suspicious is that I can't find any information on the net about the mysterious Sper Sales Promotion Service. If they were around for so many years it's strange that they aren't mentioned somewhere out there.

Songs: Ramones: Baby I Love You/Decibel: Contessa
Number: Sire JPB 6421
Year: 1980
Country: Italy

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