Saturday, March 9, 2013

Danny Says made it in Australia

Danny Says is one of the greatest songs on End Of The Century, if you ask me. The australians seems to have the same opinion because this is the only country that released Joey Ramones song as a single. It's backed up with another track that you don't find on any official seven inch, Chinese Rocks.
Danny Says was written by Joey when the band was living at the Tropicana Hotel while they were record End Of The Century in Los Angeles. "Danny" in the song is the manager Danny Fields.
Unfortunately the single don't have a picture sleeve but we are all used to that when it comes to Aussie releases.
For some reason Danny says is called Danny says/Chinese Rocks on the label of the record.

Songs: Danny Says/Chinese Rocks
Number: Sire SRE 0254
Year: 1980
Country: Australia


  1. Gday! Just stumbled over your site by googling 'Ramones New Zealand pressings' & am blown away! Great work, ill have to search through my boxes!

    Wayne from Melbourne

  2. Thanks! And good luck with your boxes. Let me know if you find something interesting, maybe I can write something. There are some N.Z-pressings I would like to know more about.