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The scandinavian pressings – part 4

This is the last part about the scandinavian vinyl-pressings. This time it's the singles, the compilations and the re-pressings. I start with the compilations:

In 1977 Phonogram released a series of five split-albums under the name "Rock on". The first album was the split with Ramones and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. The records was pressed i Norway but made for the swedish market and released on the Philips label. It has songs from the first LP and Leave Home together with two live tracks. Read more about this release here.

Album: Ramones/Tom Petty & he Heartbreakers
Number: Philips 9199 272
Year: 1977
Country: Norway (sold in Sweden)

The record was sold with an info sheet, a contest and stickers.

In 1979 the soundtrack to Rock'n'Roll High School was released in Norway. The labels has the ncb-mark and the sleeve has the Team-Trykk Oslo-sign.

Singles: Two singles was released in Norway, I Wanna Be Sedated and Baby I Love You. Both came in company sleeves only, no picture sleeves. Read more here and here.

Title: I wanna be sedated/I don't want you
Number: Sire SIR 001
Year: 1978
Country: Norway

Title: Baby I love you/High risk insurance
Number: Sire SIR 4031
Year: 1980
Country: Norway

Re-pressings: the first Ramones album released in Scandinavia was Leave Home in 1977 followed by Rocket To Russia in 1978. Both on the Philips label. Shortly after that the two albums was rereleased on Sire records. The pressing plant was once again MIAS (Musikk-industri AS) in Oslo, Norway, and they used the stampers. The old machine stamped Philips catalogue number was simply crossed over and a new Sire number was written by hand.
An interesting fact is that the Sire-version of Leave Home has the new catalogue number SR 6031 that on almost all other pressings have Sheena Is A Punk Rocker instead of Carbona Not Glue. But this norwegian second press of Leave Home still has the banned Carbona Not Glue!

Album: Leave Home
Number: Sire SR 6031
Year: 1978
Country: Norway
Matrix number, side A: 6370 809 (crossed over) A 9 P 77 F 710          SR-6031-A (hand-written)
Side B: 6370 809 (crossed over) B 9 P 77 F 710          SR-6031-B (hand-written)

Album: Rocket To Russia
Number: Sire SR 6031
Year: 1978
Country: Norway
Matrix number, side A: 6370 816 (crossed over) A 4 P 78 F 710 2          6042 (hand-written)
Side B: 716 48 84 (crossed over) B 4 P 78 TA 710     6310 816 B (crossed over)        SR-6042-B (hand-written)

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