Sunday, February 10, 2013

Record of the week – the South African album

"We ain't gonna play Sun City", Joey Ramone declared with Artist United Against Apatheid in 1985. And the Ramones never did. But they released at least one album in South Africa.
Warner Bros gave out End of the Century in the country in the 80's. There is no country of origin on the sleeve but it is marked with Interpak, a big printing company in South Africa. Thats about all I know about this release. The record has, unlike most other versions, no inner sleeve with lyrics.

Album: End of the Century
Number: Warner Brothers WBC 1460
Year: 1980
Made in: South Africa



  1. And then there is Zimbabwean version of this with same cat no, with lower quality material used in sleeve and label w/out colors.

    Cheers, Hannu

  2. Yeah, I have seen it on Strange pressing...