Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More fake sleeves coming up?

Two of the fake sleeves. The other two you find here.

I guess most of you have seen them by now – the fake sleeves for Ramones singles that someone is selling on Ebay. And it is not only Ramones sleeves that are coming from this seller.
One thing is for certain, this is not official sleeves. On the other hand the seller don't say that, they are called "special limited edititon picture sleeves" on the Ebay auctions.
Anyway, they have the Sire logo and the record number and it's easy to imagine that someone thinks this is "real" stuff.
These records have been discussed on the net and on teminal-boredom.com someone has posted a comment from the seller. As I have written before he's saying that he got the sleeves at the record fair in Utrecht:

I went to the Utrecht Holland record fair last year and purchased a box of over 300 sleeves. Some were reissues and had identical pictures as the original sleeve. Some like this one had diff. pictures than the original but had the original record number on it. The sleeve is made on a less glossy paper than an original issue. The inside fold is a little wider than an original. The inside color is a true white color and not the off white usually found. There were 7 different Ramones slvs in the box. I'm not an expert on the group so I really don't know if there were sleeves originally with them. I've listed two of them and sold both copys I had and now I'm listing this one which I have 3 copys of the sleeves. There is a p/s book thats made in Belgium that lists two of the Ramones sleeves. It says they were made in Belgium for export use only and manufactured in the late 80's. I just think by listing it as a special edition is clearer than listing as a Belgium export issue. Thats all the information I have on this and I hope it helps. I've sold over 75 of these and only had one returned, which I refunded fully including the postage to ship and return it. I also try to get an original record to match up with the sleeve. Thanks and good luck. XXX

Apparently there will be three more Ramones sleeves coming up. Stay away from them if you're not into fakes!


  1. You can easily see they are not made in the eighties from the font used. Looks so unproffesional öike something ive have made with photoshop in 4th grade

  2. I agree, they really look bad. And with pictures from 1977 for a 1984 release...