Saturday, January 19, 2013

The norwegian Baby I love you

I got a weird obsession to find the right company sleeves for the singles without picture sleeves. One of the singles were I havn't been able to solve this problem is the norwegian Baby I love you. But now I think I have got it right. The other 45 from Norway, I wanna be sedated, have a blue Phonogram-sleeve made of relatively thick paper. The sleeves was pressed at Team Trykk in Oslo. A while ago I found a copy of Baby I love you in the same sleeve, but a white one without printing. According to sellers I have spoken with this single came in a white paper bag and this is probably the one. 
If you have nothing else to do this is something you can spend your time finding out...
Read more about the norwegian singles here. And I have an extra copy of the norwegian Baby I love you and the Sedated-single up for trades if anyone is interested.

 Baby I love you in the white die cut sleeve...

 ...and I wanna be sedated in the same sleeve but with printing.

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