Sunday, January 13, 2013

Record of the week – I remember You

The record company in England chose I Remember You as the first single to promote the new album Leave Home in 1977. It was the follow-up to the Blitzkrieg Bop single in the UK, and the labels says 1976 although the single came out the year after, february 18, 1977.
24 years later, on april 15 2001, U2 played I Remember You at a sold-out Rose Garden in Portland, USA to honor Joey Ramone who passed away the same day.

"I sing this for Joey Ramone. A great, great singer of the the greatest punk rock band ever", Bono told the audience.

There are two versions of the single, the first pressing has silver labels, the second pressing has the more common gold. I Remember You was only released as a single in UK.

Songs: I Remember You//California Sun/I don't wanna walk around with you (live)
Number: Sire 6078 603
Year: 1977
Country: UK
Notes: First pressing with silver labels, second with gold.

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