Thursday, May 8, 2014

Here are the two versions of the Meltdown 10"

As I have written before, those responsible the Record Store Day continues to go for Ramones when they decide what to be release for the yearly event. 
This time, on april 4, they offered a 10" version of the 1980 EP Meltdown with the Ramones.
There are two versions of this release, in Europe the record is on pink vinyl, the US version is on blue vinyl.
The european version is limited to 750 copies, the US version is pressed in 3 000 numbered copies.
Is this the last official Ramones vinyl release? I doubt it.

Album: Meltdown With The Ramones
Format: 10"
Number: Sire/Rhino R1 541407
Year: 2014.
Country: US.
Notes: Record Store Day release in USA. Blue vinyl. 3 000 copies., numbered.

Album: Meltdown With The Ramones
Format: 10"
Number: Sire/Rhino 8122796059
Year: 2014.
Country: EU.
Notes: Record Store Day release in Europe. Pink vinyl. 750 copies.

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