Monday, November 11, 2013

Watch out for fake DJ sleeve!

When it comes to Ramones records it is fairly easy to recognize and avoid fakes. They are usually poorly made and more to be regarded as unofficial reissues. But there are exceptions. It is particularly difficult when it's hard to find an original to compare to.
A record that have appeared on the market a couple of times in recent years is the Italian pressing of Needles & Pins with the DJ sleeve.
The records are the real stuff but I've long suspected that the DJ sleeves are counterfeit. To be sure I managed to get another italian record with the same type of DJ sleeve. And now I am even more convinced that many of the sleeves that you see for sale are copied, not printed on a real printing press. There is a clear difference between the two sleeves. The colors are different, which could be due to ageing, but it is also a clear difference in the sharpness. And the paper-white parts on the sleeve, the parts with no colors printed, don't look real on the fake sleeve. Look at the pictures and see what I mean.  
I would be very careful before I paid a lot of money for this single. 

Copied sleeve.

The original printed sleeve.

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