Saturday, April 6, 2013

Suzy Is A Headbanger – but only in Japan

Your favorite blog is back! I have been away for a while, lack of time and inspiration. Here is one of the greatest picture sleeves ever – the japanese Suzy Is A Headbanger. On top of that this is the only time the Johnny/Dee Dee-penned song was released as a single.
It is the third japanese Ramones single, released in 1977, and as usual there are a stock version with blue labels and a white label promo version.
Oo-whee, do it one more time for me!

Songs: Suzy Is A Headbanger/What's Your Game
Number: Philips SFL-2152
Year: 1977
Country: Japan
 Backside of the sleeve/lyrics sheet.

Promo version.

Stock version.

 The record is protected in this pink company sleeve.

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