Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ramones for free in Holland & Brazil

In 1980 WEA in the Netherlands had a drive to promote a couple of new releases, among them the Ramones Phil Spector-produced album End of the century. When you bought the albums you got a promotion-EP for free with samples of 20 songs from eight different bands. The two Ramones songs are Rock'n'roll High School and Baby I love you.The New New Rock-EP has a fold out sleeve with information about the bands in dutch.
The albums in the campaign had a sticker that told the buyer: Ask for free promotional single – New New Rock – Limited edition, as you can see on the Pretenders first LP

Songs: Rock'n'roll High School/Baby I love you + 18 other outtakes from different bands
Number: WEA NR-80
Year: 1980
Country: Holland

By the same time WEA released a similar EP in Brazil called New Wave – O rock dos anos 80. This one has eight tracks, one of them is Ramones Baby I love you. The brazilian version also has a fold out sleeve but with information in portuguese.
These records are not the most essential in a Ramones collection but, as long as I know, it's the only time the Ramones have been on a single pressed in Brazil.

Songs: Rock'n'roll High School + 7 other outtakes from different bands
Number: WEA PRO 11.025
Year: 1980
Country: Brazil

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